Monday Night Drawing

Not sure what was going on tonight, unfinished drawings and poor compositions. Each of these was almost an hour, should’ve had time to finish! Going to have to make some independent study to improve my composition, we just kind of choose at random. Modern art teachers.



I like a few spots in each, and the idea overall, so I should revisit this in the studio soon…

Monday Night Drawing

More or less the same still life from last session. We were supposed to go more into linear shading again, but it fights me horribly, so I got lazy and went back to smooth shading. Both of these ended up being about 30 minute drawings. On the second one, I used a stump for the first time right at the end. It will take some time to get used to and it killed a lot of my subtler shading, but it is gorgeous for inky blacks. And it saved my fingertip (which I’d been using to blend previously).



Sketchbook Digest

Here’s this week’s sketchbook digest. Still not much output, but I’m getting more comfortable sketching.


Drawing the sculpt for the Kingdom Death King’s Man. HB graphite pencil. I like it and I’m thinking about making it into a small painting. Also scale for last week’s skull sketch.


Further exploration into the King’s Man idea, based on some of the artwork in the rulebook for Kingdom Death: Monster. The armored face tends to be larger in the art than in the sculpt. I initially was playing with the faces being serene as a juxtaposition to their brutal nature carrying out the will of the King. But then I tried some expressions and adding the furrowed brow and a little downturn to the mouth gives him the look of a serene dreamer on the brink of nightmare (the center face). HB graphite pencil.


Scaling up to my usual drawing size, 18×24 using a B and 4B graphite pencil. Scaled too far, forgot I was thinking of making it a SMALL painting! I had initially put in the lantern bardiche, but it was too forced. Maybe if this turns out well, I’ll revisit the idea, since having the light source from that would be cool. This took way longer than I expected, struggled a lot with the basic shapes and proportions. Tipped me over the edge and I signed up for figure drawing next semester. I don’t feel ready, but I need to learn it for the stuff I want to work on, soo….

Sketchbook Digest

I’m going to try a weekly digest of sketchbook images, so I don’t flood the blog with unfinished/study stuff. I’ll be posting more often to Facebook during the week, because it’s a spammy platform and it can use more art these days.

Not a lot to start with this week, but I’m hoping that seeing my weekly sketchbook output in a digest will help motivate me to put more into my studies!


Some cartilage studies show previously, copied from Winslow’s excellent book. HB graphite pencil.


A casual sketch of Morte, my 1:1 skull. Also HB graphite pencil.

Thanks to Mori for continuing inspiration on putting pencil to paper daily!