Zombicide Season One Walker 2

Been wanting to get back into painting a mini now and again, probably nothing more than tabletop for a while. So I took a couple hours to slap some paint on this guy I had sitting on the shelf, already primed.

Zombicide Season One Walker 2
Zombicide Season One Walker 2
Zombicide Season One Walker 2
Zombicide Season One Walker 2

So I think I’ve mostly forgotten how to paint minis. Didn’t help that I snagged the wrong paper for my wet palette, it was a square of tracing paper, so it was a total mess!

Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 4

Samson is more or less done, even with those crazy eyes. Did the white on Nelly, and man did my white mojo leave the building. Only did Silas’ bow, so no pics (spoiler: it’s awful).


They do look decent at a tabletop distance, which I guess is the point. Still, pretty humbling return to painting…

Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 2

Flesh tones today. As usual, the faces on these casts leave a lot to be desired. I didn’t try too hard to get the eyes in on any of them…and I gave up completely on Samson. There’s just nothing to paint even remotely symmetrically.


Z:BP Survivors: Nelly, Samson and Silas

Just some base coats to get things rolling with these folks, nothing too noteworthy I think…




Mostly working out of the common colors in my workbench set of paints, though I did have to dig something up for Silas’s cloak. Had to mix some green and browns up, ended up using that for the red to tame it a bit.

Zombicide Ramsay WIP 1

I started a new fun project, the not-Gordon Ramsay from Zombicide. I’m going to try to keep at least one ‘serious’ project (Seza just now) and one fun project(tabletop screwing around fast stuff) on the bench.


In other notes, the RH trooper I had in simple green is being stubborn about being cleaned, I’m just going to shelve that project for now. I started cleaning a newer RH jailbird hero and the resin was more brittle than some of the older RH resin and she lost her bayonette. Since I wanted to do a side-by-side with a metal one to show quality comparison…it kinda ruined the similarity a bit and took the wind out of my sails for that project. Not shelved, but under consideration (I’ll have to prime them before taking any photos. Lastly, I finally got around to the final prep stages on my plastic KD TK pinup, I decided to glue the head to the cloak but paint that separate from teh body. It was a tricky glue-up, but I had a good plan and it worked well. Still needs a bit of GS for the gap, but it will be ready for primer soon and be a rather interesting job, as disassmbled painting is new for me.

Raining Blood

Taking a detour, I got in some Tamiya Red and Smoke to play with blood effects, since I’ve been unhappy and my zombies tend to be rather unbloodied as a result. It’s smelly, vile stuff and dries out relatively quickly into a sticky mass…but it looks great. It might be a bit too gloss, in fact (and thus difficult to photo well), especially since I topcoat with dulcote.

First up are the Bones zombies I did long ago. Not much new work, I tried to simply reinforce what I had done in regular acrylics.


After getting some of the mixing down a bit, I slathered up the Zombicide season 1 fatty, again just reinforcing previous work.


Then I hit the last of my previously unsatisfying bloodwork on the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight’s sword and trophy. Long time readers will remember the sword broke where the blade meets the crossguard, and it’s just a superglued butt joint. I could feel it wanting to break just lightly brushing on the blood…but it survived. Not a very noticeable improvement, but it makes me feel better. And I took some alt angles for kicks.