You dirty rat!

Ok, made some time while cleaning the house for the holidays to whip out the rest of L2PK1. This rat was the fastest mini I’ve pumped out, at 2 hours. I only took one set of WIP shots, because I’m used to taking pics after each session and this was only two sessions!

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At first I really hated the base of this mini, the way there were huge voids that were impossible to paint. But following the kit instructions, I didn’t realize they just kind of wash it all away 🙂 I guess that worked ok for a quick basic job. Other than that it was quick and easy.

My main complaint and the thing that slowed me down a bit was that the instructions seems a bit disjointed. There was pretty heavy use of walnut wash, but it was split up through the whole process. I skipped around and base coated everything that needed a walnut wash and it seemed much more sensible to do it that way. Ditto parts painted with tanned flesh, etc. Just seemed like the steps could have been streamlined, though I can see it was done to split out each element for the beginner.

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My favorite part was actually a mistake. I didn’t read ahead to see the bit about washing the rocks as the final step for the base, so I had been slopping various browns on them as I based and washed…which made for really nice variation when I went back and washed the rocks. The white primer rocks looked greyish and the slopped rocks were variegated brownish grey. Cool effect!

Anhurian Swordsman L2PK1

More or less following the instructions of the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit #1.

This kit is great for teaching the fundamentals of mini painting. The included mini has just the right amount of detail to provide practice in painting details, but not so much to overwhelm the novice. The included paints are a good starter set and are full Reaper Master Series paint bottles. It also includes two brushes, a detail brush and a flat brush for base and drybrushing. I would recommend reading over the instructions a few times to get the feel for things, but they are pretty good, as are the illustrations.

Next up: the Plague Rat from the same kit.

Washing an Anhurian

Moving along…

Had the wash for the cloth bleed into his one good eye. Of course. Despite my best intentions, I got out of order with the instructions. Still need to drybrush the blue and silver at this point.

The one where I learn to paint

Ok, Ogre in the bag and on to L2PK1. That’s Reaper’s “Learn to Paint Kit 1” all shorthanded. These are designed to take a novice painter through several techniques, each building on the last. This first one is washes and drybrushing, basically the way I learned to paint twenty plus years ago.

First up, Anhurian. I’m going to follow the instructions as close as possible, though I did spray primer and I’m going to mostly use my WNS7 #2 brush. I even thinned the Intense Brown wash with water instead of my wash mix! I did slightly thin the paints, but not as much as I have been…just seems like painting with spackle if I don’t at least get a little medium in there.

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Eyes didn’t show up well in the pic but obviously I just snapped it quickly on the bench. I have to get to making supper and the time taken posting this is putting my life in dire risk!

Looking over the instructions, these two minis should be pretty quick. I’m really happy for that given the duration of my previous three!

Ogre Chieftain rides again!

Awright, mini #3 officially off the bench!

I was hoping to hit something way closer to my initial concept and then I remembered I don’t have the skills to pull off most of that stuff 🙂

He was supposed to be sunburned, that was my initial concept. An old retired warleader who spent most of his time in tents and caves and rarely ventured into the sun anymore, called back in for a last ditch campaign against invading human hordes (I’m reading Dust of Dreams).

I went for a tribal brand on the shoulder, and cuirboilli armor bits. His eyes are supposed to have severe cataracts, the skirt is supposed to be tanned human hide. I went with a copper bracelet and bronze studs/banding figuring ogres didn’t work iron or have much in the way of precious metal – the leader only had two gold rings and of course an old GW-style gem. The club I tried to go for a mossy northern forest oak trunk, with greys and greens.

And lest I forget – a Lou Albano-style purple band in the beard.

Unexpected surprise

Although I guess it’s not much of a surprise if it’s expected, yeah?

Took 1st in the informal painting contest “Getting Started” at the Studio McVey forum, with my Firebrand Drone entry. It was a small contest for folks getting back into the hobby or just starting out.

I’m just happy with all the knowledge and skills gathered in the process of painting the Drone, but it was a nice cherry on top of the project!

Thanks to all who voted for me, it means a lot.

The eyes, boo! Go for the eyes!

Ok. So.

My first attempt at using kneadatite. I have a renewed respect for sculptors!

I mixed a tiny slab of the stuff, then cut off a little tiny bit, and then cut that in half (for each orb). Rolled it into a ball and it was massive when I went to insert it. Cut it in half, too big; cut it in half; too big; cut it in half…finally small enough (if a bit larger than I had intended originally). Pushed it in with the flat of my knife and then tucked in the edges (also with the knife).

Don’t know how bad it will look painted, but it beats the mess that I started with. Probably.

No Life ’til Leather

RIP Cliff Burton, thinking about the legendary bassist today.


About three sessions worth; did the pelts, skirt, straps, leather armor/pouches, wrapping and teethy bits.

So frustrating having a vision for what I want and not having the technique to portray it! For the pelts, I wanted grey with a brown middle stripe. For the skirt, it was supposed to be human flesh. The straps were a generic leather. The leather armor was supposed to be cuirboilli, kinda scuffed up dark leather. Mostly just a kind of pile of meh 🙂

And the eyes. The eyes in this cast are so jacked I don’t even see how I could make eyes out of them. They’re misshapen lumps in different places and shapes.

More Ogre Skin

Yesterday was a bit discouraging with the skin tones. Couldn’t nail my initial intention, so I salvaged it with a fairly blah nondescript skin tone. Tried putting in cool tones and it bombed pretty bad. Since I’ve only done it once, and that with instructional help, I realized I was going through the motions that didn’t fit this tone at all. Just as I nodded off in bed, the little voice in the back of my head said ‘break out your color wheel, dummy’, Today I obeyed, and while not stellar, the results were at least in the direction I’m shooting for. Again, trying for a quick paint job (as I measure time).

For some reason my initial pics were blown out, too light. So I tweaked a few things and now they’re all dark.

Oh, went for a brand on the shoulder, at least that worked out pretty well.

Skinning an Ogre

My goal with this project is to both get practice on a Bones mini and improve my speed. I won’t be going for the most elegant job here (not that I’m capable, I guess I mean I won’t be spending much time on things). Got some of the base coat down last night:

Playing on a variation of my Gnoll project, I want to try and limit myself to various browns. Since I imagine the Ogres as a primitive bunch, I’m going to put as little metal on the mini as I can manage. So lots of leather tones, this should prove to be quite the workout and another informative mini project/lesson.