Final Bertokk WIP

Did the drybrushing bits and finishing details. The rope I washed and drybrushed, but painted in the highlights so it didn’t get too messy. Knocked back the laces that the highlight went out of control on previously. Used the colors for the rope to do the grip of the dagger, trying to keep it a textile feel. First pass of steel parts.


Doing the metal was difficult, because I have caveman technique when ti comes to metals. I basically just slapped some paint on and hoped for the best. Meh.


Pretty much just paining the base and calling it done.

Bertokk goes Green

More base coating, I did the straps and leathery bits and decided on a color for the colory bits. By popular demand, I went with green. I dunno, someone mentioned it earlier in the WIP thread on the Reaper forum. I just grabbed the trio of paints from Kit 2 and I’ll do Laurana’s green in the spirit of keeping this Kit project in the realm of Kits.

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Base coated the iron parts with the bluish brown/black from Kit 5. Some other leathery and ropey bits with light brown. Hit the green again for coverage.

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A Barbaric WIP

One nice thing about the L2PKs, I can bring a stripped-down setup into the living room and paint on the coffee table in front of the big screen. So I got in a little time with Kit 4’s Bertokk the Barbarian while watching the Bills lose…

First up is Brown Liner lining. You can see how messy I am, though I did switch down to the #1 brush and obviously didn’t worry too much since most of it will be painted over.

Posted ImagePosted Image

And then the Tanned Shadow base coating, back to the #2 brush (and failed attempt 1 at eye)…

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And the first highlight of Tanned Skin. Apologies for the focus issues!

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And the second highlights using Tanned Highlights. Attempt #2 at eye…success!

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Laurana WIP 3

Managed to finish her off this evening, so to speak.

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Forgot to snap WIPs again, so I’ve jumped ahead a bit here. Did the hair, leather and undercoat for the gold.

Hair was going ok but got really blocky on the highlight. I was kinda rushing at certain points where I needed to get up and stretch my legs.

Then I powered through to the finish. The back of the scroll also got pretty blocky, not super happy with how messy the gold went on. Starting to dislike metallic paint a lot, it dries out extremely fast on the brush. Got messy with the base, need to designate a better drybrush. The included reaper flat is so beat it splays out to roughly the size of Rhode Island.

I’m pretty tired of broccoli bases at this point in my L2PK journey. I foresee a lot of chopping in my future with Reaper minis.

Laurana WIP 2

Change of pace today, I brought a minimal setup into the living room to paint closer to the wood stove. Had to paint on the coffee table, so my legs fell asleep about ten times. I suffer for my art.

Started with flesh highlights and eyes. Oh, the eyes. I do love a good sculpt/cast eye. I did her right eye in one shot, and it’s almost perfect (for where I am, anyway). The left, maybe a dozen tries and I called it ‘good enough, she has a condition’. Also did some lining, which I’m fairly horrific at.

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I moved on to base coating the blue and green areas.

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And finally shade and highlights for the blues and greens. The blue highlight went on too thick.

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Laurana WIP begins

At the request of an Ozzie friend, I’m going to try to take more WIP shots. He said “Keep the camera on your desk and snap one at every stage!” Ok, Az the Oz, here you go.

Laurana from Reaper’s Learn to Paint Kit 2 is on the bench currently. Flesh base coat of darkened Rosy Skin:

Posted Image

And then the mid-tone of Rosy Skin:

Posted Image

The Rosy Skin mid-tone was going on really poorly, I tried at least three consistencies and just wasn’t getting a good consistent coverage (thin or otherwise). I don’t know if it was too cold in the den or what. My first attempt a painting female flesh, it’s so much harder than defined male muscles. Combined with the paint fighting me, I called it a night after this coat.

Tsuko the Monk

Well, that was a pretty quick session since the instructions don’t call for highlighting the sansetsukon or sandals. So I based those, ran highlights on the straps, sash, hair and pants. Then did the gold bits. Then just a matter of grass green on the broccoli, wash with brown, drybrush green and then I did a second dry of a yellow green (as instructed, optional step).

About four hours, I think. I tried a new background, but I think it messed with the colors too much, they’re not that saturated. I should re-shoot it, looks like the highlights got blown out in a few places, too.

It’s a sansetsukon

Yesterday I started on the monk from kit 2, wasn’t really feeling it so I only did the skin base coat and a first pass at shading. Didn’t take any pics, though. Today I worked a bit more and remembered pics!

Posted Image
Posted Image

It was a bit tough to stick to the rudimentary ‘shading’ after working so hard on zenithal with the Drone (and somewhat with the ogre). That’s actually what stopped me yesterday. But I soldiered through it. Then I spent maybe a half hour trying to get the eyes, ye gods.

I actually LINED this mini! It said in the instructions that lining was optional, but hey. These kits are for trying out stuff.

I can probably finish the monk in one more sitting, so I need to get the girly primed ASAP!