Wednesday Night Oils

So it’s been 3 weeks since I worked on the portrait! Of course, I completely forgot how to paint in between. I worked on the hair, another attempt at the facial hair, and ended the night using some of my cool highlight mix to accentuate the secondary light on the flesh.


Sketchbook Digest

Here’s this week’s sketchbook digest. Still not much output, but I’m getting more comfortable sketching.


Drawing the sculpt for the Kingdom Death King’s Man. HB graphite pencil. I like it and I’m thinking about making it into a small painting. Also scale for last week’s skull sketch.


Further exploration into the King’s Man idea, based on some of the artwork in the rulebook for Kingdom Death: Monster. The armored face tends to be larger in the art than in the sculpt. I initially was playing with the faces being serene as a juxtaposition to their brutal nature carrying out the will of the King. But then I tried some expressions and adding the furrowed brow and a little downturn to the mouth gives him the look of a serene dreamer on the brink of nightmare (the center face). HB graphite pencil.


Scaling up to my usual drawing size, 18×24 using a B and 4B graphite pencil. Scaled too far, forgot I was thinking of making it a SMALL painting! I had initially put in the lantern bardiche, but it was too forced. Maybe if this turns out well, I’ll revisit the idea, since having the light source from that would be cool. This took way longer than I expected, struggled a lot with the basic shapes and proportions. Tipped me over the edge and I signed up for figure drawing next semester. I don’t feel ready, but I need to learn it for the stuff I want to work on, soo….

Wednesday Night Painting

So kind of a bummer of a class, but I saved it at the end. Tried to work on the mouth/chin/facial hair and just kept getting frustrated. Eventually just sponged the whole night’s work off! As my mind said, “your mojo isn’t here, just go home and chill,” I decided to switch gears entirely.

The instructor had given a lesson on cooling off skin tones and we have a very cool fluorescent I hadn’t accounted for yet (intending to work on shadows next week). So with a half hour left, I mixed up some paint and started slapping down quick color blocks and blending them out. It’s far from perfect, but it looks pretty cool, it directly followed the lesson plan, and it kinda saved my night.

So awesome when I can turn a bad experience into a good one. It’s something I always strive to do (ask me about the Woodstock Inn some time).

Ufhilloss Prep

I’m hoping to start getting in some time with minis between my other projects, so I’ll go ahead and fire up a WIP post.

The other night I started cleaning up a Mierce snake and found a bubble in a terrible spot, right at the sword hilt. So I took it as an opportunity to learn another kind of pinning, though the existing hilt. In the process of doing this, I snapped the hilt again between the hands, which was actually ok as I wanted to pin through to the other hand anyway.


And the right arm pinned and glued, as well.


I’m probably going to have to paint the arms separate, since they cross over the body. Ditto the tail segment, it loops next to itself. I’ve never painted a mini in parts before, should be interesting.

Still need to pin the body to the lower half, assemble the tail, create pins for assembling the 3 sections later, then figure out a base.

Wednesday Night Oils

Tonight was focusing on the eyes. Really difficult, but overall my favorite part because, much like minis, it brings the painting to life.

The white on the lips is to set up a more vivid red next week when it dries. Same as painting minis! I scored a bonus point for knowing why!

Wednesday Night Oils

Tonight was local color lay-in for the skin. I remember how rough it made the drawing last semester, so I was better equipped to see it turn into a bit of a mess at this point! The instructor continues to really challenge and push me, which is awesome (though I still ask a million questions!). She has my number and realizes I like to push myself to improve!

So I did a bit more with the tones this time, rather than the relatively flat light/dark split I did last time. I think I had 5 brushes going (technically 8 if you count a small round for fixing stuff, a brush for the lips and a dry brush for smoothing). Again, the loveliness of how oil slides against oil…just wonderful to paint with.

I have next week off, but more color and values to come, as well as a return of lost detail! Onward!

Wednesday Night Oils

Tonight’s session with the model was a curve ball…the instructor changed his position slightly and also the angle of the light. I was going to complain, but decided it was a great chance to learn to move some things around, an extension of what I’ve been focusing on in drawing class!

Then she had me put in the background tone, along with the shirt and hair local colors. A change of pace from last time, but it frames things nicely. Nothing too fancy, yet, but I do like how the cool shirt color I whipped up at the last second to suggest the shadows turned out. And drawing class is paying dividends in freeing up my hand a bit, visible in the suggestion of hair, so it no longer looks like a helmet…

Wednesday Night Oils

So here we go again! I’ve skipped last week’s stuff. The drawing class for the first couple weeks is super rudimentary, important for me but boring to look at 🙂 For the painting class, we have two models and mine didn’t show last week, so I just practiced on the other one. However, this week he was present and I got in a decent session.


Once again have to reiterate how great the instructor is, and how effective her method of doing a measured geometric drawing is! During a break I snapped a quick WIP pic so you could see something of the process. It starts out very slowly, just building the outer form and getting a feel for the proportions. Slowly building up the measurements and angles until the rough form is in. Then going in and refining things, adding the tiniest bit of detail, mostly to better check the measurements and placement.

Then blocking in the shadow forms and done. Since I was a week behind, I kind of skipped around a bit, but in an informed way, adding a little detail and shadow to help me see some negative spaces (building on some of the still life work I’m doing).

The drawing could use another hour or so of refinement, but I think I’ll go ahead and transfer it to canvas over the weekend and fix anything (the lips for sure) in paint. That way I’ll be ahead of the game a bit, by a half a class over last semester!


Some more pinks, and the metals roughed in. Not sure if I just want to call it done and move on or spend time blending stuff out, as it’s super rough. I was really feeling a lot better about my brush control overall today, so I’m already calling it a win as that was the main point of the project.