Judith WIP 1

I figured it was about time to start a master copy at home to augment my schoolwork. I’m going to zoom in on a section of a Caravaggio. Oil on canvas, 11×14.


Wednesday Night Oils

Starting the first painting with the hand, chin and mouth. Basically just putting in the planar changes and adding a vibrant color to build on later. I once again put my faith in my instructor, because to me it looked garishly bright. After watching her paint for a while, though, and picking her brain for a bit, I was able to get it to start coming together. It’s a bit different than the previous portraits and I love how she continues to push me with each project.


Wednesday Night Oils

Second stage of the drawing for this semester’s portrait class. Fixing proportions, adding some detail, blocking in the shadow shapes. Ready for transfer to canvas before next week’s class. Graphite on paper, 14×17.


Wednesday Night Oils

First night of Oil Portraiture. New model is an older gentleman, so this is going to be a really awesome class! It’s been a good progression of models: the first guy was clean-cut and angular, the second had interesting hair, this one has some wrinkles…and he put his hand in the pose, yikes! Painting a hand!

Just roughing in the drawing here, getting the angles and measurements together and just beginning to add some detail. You can see my value thumbnail for checking composition, I changed things around several times in the thumbnail before starting the larger drawing.


Wednesday Night Oils

Wrapping up the second in a trilogy of oil portraiture classes tonight. Painting is still wet and oiled up, so I’ll try to get a good pic up once it’s dry and framed. But for now, here’s my second attempt at oil painting!

Wednesday Night Oils

More or less done with the portrait, one session tomorrow night to do the background and shirt/tie. Always wish I had more time, but I’m pretty happy with it as a second attempt at portraiture so far! Tonight’s focus was the mouth and facial hair, with a few random tweaks here and there.

Sketchbook Digest

This week was mostly about anatomy, gearing up for figure drawing in January. And then I messed around with some conte on a larger drawing from last week.





Wednesday Night Oils

So it’s been 3 weeks since I worked on the portrait! Of course, I completely forgot how to paint in between. I worked on the hair, another attempt at the facial hair, and ended the night using some of my cool highlight mix to accentuate the secondary light on the flesh.


Sketchbook Digest

Here’s this week’s sketchbook digest. Still not much output, but I’m getting more comfortable sketching.


Drawing the sculpt for the Kingdom Death King’s Man. HB graphite pencil. I like it and I’m thinking about making it into a small painting. Also scale for last week’s skull sketch.


Further exploration into the King’s Man idea, based on some of the artwork in the rulebook for Kingdom Death: Monster. The armored face tends to be larger in the art than in the sculpt. I initially was playing with the faces being serene as a juxtaposition to their brutal nature carrying out the will of the King. But then I tried some expressions and adding the furrowed brow and a little downturn to the mouth gives him the look of a serene dreamer on the brink of nightmare (the center face). HB graphite pencil.


Scaling up to my usual drawing size, 18×24 using a B and 4B graphite pencil. Scaled too far, forgot I was thinking of making it a SMALL painting! I had initially put in the lantern bardiche, but it was too forced. Maybe if this turns out well, I’ll revisit the idea, since having the light source from that would be cool. This took way longer than I expected, struggled a lot with the basic shapes and proportions. Tipped me over the edge and I signed up for figure drawing next semester. I don’t feel ready, but I need to learn it for the stuff I want to work on, soo….

Ufhilloss Prep and a New Display

Here’s the more or less assembled Ufhilloss. Still needs a solid round of green stuffing and probably going to pin those arms, too…


And a new acquisition from Japan, something to keep things dust-free on the workbench!