So I’ve realized the white zenithal prime went on bumpy :/ Will to smooth things disappearing 🙂

Anyway. Shaded the purples and brought back some mids. Sketched in some highs.



Roughed in the shadows and started highlights on the skin. My usual Muddy Soil mixed into the Dark Skin base. Then the highlights start with mixing Bright Skin Shadow into Dark Skin.



More or less base coated now. Takes so long trying to figure out all those contrasts and making sure everything works as a whole! But I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now. Also need to dial up my brush control in a big way 🙂 So sloppy!



Not much, but it’s a start…


Just the very first couple coats of base coat on a few spots.

Spent most of the evening getting the new desk setup and looking around for paints, deciding on first colors, etc.

KDSFTK Prototyping

I wanted to expand a bit on my post yesterday about mocking up the colors in GIMP. Basically, I take a fairly transparent paint brush and paint in layers. Usually each color block is a layer, but this time I got lazy (sword, armor and lights are all on one layer).

Here’s a couple (very) quick examples of how flexible this is. Once you’ve got the brush paths saved, you can manipulate the hue/value/saturation/etc. GIMP is a bit obtuse and I’m not very good with its tools, but for rough prototyping you can see where it’s handy.


Now that’s a lot of alphabet soup! But it otherwise makes for a four-page title, soo…

I was trying to work out a color scheme. I had a decent idea and gamut masked it out, but I wanted to see it in action, so I did a quick mock-up in GIMP using the photo of the primed mini.


Oathsworn Female Human Mage

A project mostly done just to get painting, so it’s far from perfect and I didn’t take time to blend it out at all. Focus was on playing with some OSL and then I decided to try sculpting a base, so this is a huge step forward despite the lack of blending on it.


Unfortunately, I used some liners to give character to the stone and haven’t sealed the mini, so it’s pretty shiny along the walls and you can’t see any of the subtlety there. I’ll hit it with dullcote and see if I can get better pics and update this post later, if so. And though my intention was to not blend, I /may/ go back and do just a minor blend pass on the blue OSL highlight on the wall because that’s bugging me 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

King’s Man WIP 1

The King’s Man is a nemesis encounter from Kingdom Death: Monster. He’ll show up and ruin your day at the ol’ settlement. Mostly assembled (left off the scabbard and plume for now, experiment in painting a disassmbled model!), pinned and primed.