KD:M King’s Man WIP 2

What’s a couple years between WIP updates between friends? Dusted off this fine plastic model (ok, he was under a cover and not dusty). Spent an hour messing around trying to remember how brushes work. Some base coats and messing with how nmm works again…

King's Man WIP 2
King’s Man WIP 2

King’s Man WIP 1

The King’s Man is a nemesis encounter from Kingdom Death: Monster. He’ll show up and ruin your day at the ol’ settlement. Mostly assembled (left off the scabbard and plume for now, experiment in painting a disassmbled model!), pinned and primed.


Kingdom Death: Monster – Zachary

This guy took a while and is probably over the top for a gaming mini, but I present Zachary of the First Story of Kingdom Death: Monster!


Flesh tones are basically what I used for Rollo last winter. Golden Highlight, Tanned Skin, Redstone Highlight, Russet Brown. I subbed in VGC Ivory for Linen White. I added Muddy Soil to deepen the shadows and create some definition in them.

The cloth is basically Alien Flesh shaded with P3 Coal Black and tinted with glazes of Camo Green. Highlights mixed in Ivory and I deepened the shadows, mixing Walnut Brown into the Coal Black.

The slight bit of NMM was that Coal Black/Walnut Brown mix brought up with Alien Flesh and Ivory. For the base, I just tried to emulate the game board’s colors while sticking to colors used on the mini previously.

Kingdom Death: Survivors WIP 13

Started off tonight’s session by finishing up the skirt with some glazes and highlights.


Then I did the lamp and the base.


Yep, that’s a bad phone pic of the finished paint job. Won’t be able to do a proper pic until I get out of this cast and can finish the project in my den that I began before I broke my toe. Photo setup is in there, though I may have to make another temp setup before then…

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 12

You know the drill, another short session. We’re getting there, though!


This session focused on the cloth again, deepening the rough shadows and then using glazes to smooth things out and then highlight upwards.

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 11

Another really quick session today, took a while to get going. I did manage to transfer my P3 Coal Black to a dropper bottle, though!


I did a glaze of a yellow green on the cloth and then roughed in some shadows. Like….really rough, so I called it a day before I really messed anything up! But it does give the feel of what I’m going for, especially the front parts.

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 7

Marching along with some more work on Zach, so much for a quick gaming paint job, heh. The minis are just too cool for that, really!

More work on shading, extending and refining as I go. Put in the basics of the face, as well.