Zombicide Season 1 Walker

I finished this guy in May, just getting around to pics… This is a pedestrian zombie aka Walker from Season 1 of Zombicide.


I hadn’t really intended on such a limited palette with him, but as I was painting the skin I started roughing in the shirt and liked where it was going. The greens are Olive Shadow through the Undead Skin triad with some white mixed into the top end. Hair and pants were Red Shadow highlighted with some of the greens and deepest shaded with a touch of Walnut.

Here’s a shot of him next to a warmer example to highlight the limit of his palette. Really fun projects!


The Grudge WIP 2

An hour into putting a coat of Muddy Soil onto the Grudge…so many deep recesses, it’s crazy. And large. I can already see the chainmail in particular is going to make me batty, almost every cell is still white in the recess!

Also put a couple coats of Ginger Cookie onto the zombie’s base to try finishing him off. I experimented with some e6000 glue so make gore streaks but it wasn’t coming together so I just decided to finish him up as is.


Infinity Nomad Alguaciles (Cornrow)

Here’s the first guy I’ve painted from the Operation: Icestorm box for Corvus Belli’s Infinity skirmish game. He’s just a grunt I was working out some color schemes and another attempt to speed things up with tabletop painting.


Had a tough time pinning him to the base (a plastic piece from Sedition Wars), required some touch-ups which is why there is a horrid dot of red that needs fixing on his back calf :p

Cornrow WIP 4

I put in some flesh tones and did the eyes, though they don’t show in the pics; as well as re-establishing the hair. The detail on the face was too small for the Rosemary brushes (0 and 1) and their point splaying tendencies, so I switched out to a W&N 0 for something a little different. Aesthetically I dig the proportions of stuff like Infinity, Thunderbolt and Red Box; but man it sure makes painting a lot more difficult than a heroic Reaper mini!


Cornrow WIP 3

Another couple layers of greys. It’s challenging to paint this way! I’m used to going back and forth with layers and glazes to get things right, but painting tabletop demands you get it right the first time. It’s actually a good learning experience in that respect.


Cornrow WIP 2

Trying to keep it simple and tabletop, but I think I’m going to need more contrast even so. Though it does look better in hand than in these phone pics…Three layers of red and skin is base coated:


One more layer of red and one layer of grey:


Cornrow WIP 1

I’m beginning to paint the minis for the Infinity Operation: Icestorm box set. First up is a Nomad Alguaciles I’m creatively calling ‘Cornrow’. Just some initial base coating, I’ll work out the colors on him and then start in on the rest of the faction.

Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

Note to self: don’t take off this long between paint jobs again. Feeling kind of blah painting today: plastic models, fighting paint consistency, trying to learn to paint tabletop quality and not make things too nice. Also, this is always a blah part of the painting for me, I love putting in the details and making things look nice, so several vectors away from my comfort zone here.

Anyway. I decided to just base coat the humans entirely red and fix in the golds later. I didn’t want to spend all day base coating (it’s very humid), so paint is too thick and still not covering well. Oh, red. How thou doth vex me. While drying between coats, I washed the orcs in Nightshade Purple and started sketching in the oranges on the BB orc. Forgive the crap phone pics.