KD:M King’s Man WIP 2

What’s a couple years between WIP updates between friends? Dusted off this fine plastic model (ok, he was under a cover and not dusty). Spent an hour messing around trying to remember how brushes work. Some base coats and messing with how nmm works again…

King's Man WIP 2
King’s Man WIP 2

King’s Man WIP 1

The King’s Man is a nemesis encounter from Kingdom Death: Monster. He’ll show up and ruin your day at the ol’ settlement. Mostly assembled (left off the scabbard and plume for now, experiment in painting a disassmbled model!), pinned and primed.


Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 6

A couple hours to get Silas off the bench. And taking the pics I realized I forgot to paint the gold on the sword hilt. Woops! So one more quick session with him later…


Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 4

Samson is more or less done, even with those crazy eyes. Did the white on Nelly, and man did my white mojo leave the building. Only did Silas’ bow, so no pics (spoiler: it’s awful).


They do look decent at a tabletop distance, which I guess is the point. Still, pretty humbling return to painting…

Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 3

Quick session, about an hour mostly focusing on greys/metals. Pretty close to wrapping up Samson, who was pretty simple, color-wise. Super messy, but they look good on the table.


Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 2

Flesh tones today. As usual, the faces on these casts leave a lot to be desired. I didn’t try too hard to get the eyes in on any of them…and I gave up completely on Samson. There’s just nothing to paint even remotely symmetrically.


Imperial Assault: Stormtroopers and Officer

I whipped off a quick Imperial Officer to lead those Stormtroopers! Less than two hours!




Took pics before sealing them, in case I royally screw up the brush on gloss varnish, which I’ve never used before. I’ll probably just leave the Imps on black bases because it looks cool.

Imperial Assault: Stormtroopers WIP 1

Nice palette cleanser after all that skin tone work, some Stormtroopers. Painted super quick (for me) roughly following a tutorial for painting Sedition Wars Vanguards by Ali McVey. I mixed all the colors (such as they are) from black, white and sapphire blue. Minis are not the best casts, so I didn’t bother cleaning them up or putting much effort into being neat!

First I base coated the primed minis with a desaturated blue/grey (middle mini not base coated).


Then I washed with a light black wash (middle mini not washed).


Everyone gets the blacks filled in.


Re-establish the base coat (middle mini not re-coated).


Then I forgot to take pics 🙂 I mixed more white into the blue/grey base coat for an initial ‘white’. Then I finished it off with just a bit of the blue grey in my white pool.


Just a few touch ups and I’ll paint the bases and call them done. Quick and dirty!