Figure Drawing

We had the model from the portrait class in figure drawing last night.


30 minute pose. Vine charcoal on drawing paper, 18×24


20 minute pose. Vine and compressed charcoal on newsprint, 18×24.

Figure Drawing

20 minute pose, charcoal on drawing paper 18×24.


Wasn’t able to finish this one, the left leg is mid-transition (the calf is still in the original position, shading is just a first pass). The right leg…newbie mistake of waterfall drawing – working down a figure from top to bottom (or side to side in this case). I spent so much time on the torso, I had to rush the legs. I had suggested the cloth while working the torso, and didn’t properly draw in the leg in schematic beforehand, just drew it off the end of the cloth…a few inches too high.

Croquis Cafe Figure Drawing

I’ve been using a great Youtube channel, Croquis Cafe, to practice some figure drawing before class starts next week. First model is Cwen, 2 minute studies and a 20 minute drawing.

Second model was Vex Voir, 20 minutes. All of these are 18×24, charcoal on newsprint.

Loomis Mannikins

Working on the 2nd stage mannikins from Loomis’ Figure Drawing. These are really helping my visualize proportions. Besides adding a bit more structure, it’s getting a feel for the gesture of the bones and simplifies the 8-head scale into quarters (mostly for the lower half).

Loomis Mannikins
Loomis Mannikins

Loomis Mannikins

Working on 1st stage Loomis mannikins. Some from the book, some from abstracting photos, some from imagination.

Good for whipping up quick poses and builds nicely off the proportion work I was doing earlier in this book.

Loomis Mannikins
Loomis Mannikins

Tuesday Night Figure Drawing

20 minute pose, 18×24 charcoal on newsprint. I made some progress toward making the hair look better. Focusing on it as a mass, and even getting in some highlights on this one.

This model has a pretty intense shoulder girdle, there were several poses where it looked out of balance because slight movements really pushed one shoulder way up or down. Good clavicle practice, exceedingly pronounced, trying to make them look right without being too stark was a challenge.

Same model as the starkly-lit back shot from a couple weeks back.


20 minute pose, 18×24 charcoal on bristol. I was not focused at all last night, and I drew a couple tough angles (I actually had to move to get this angle) because the class is still pretty full.

In addition to my first decent foot, I also did a couple not-atrocious faces and again the hair as a volume. Still need to get my head proportions correct, but I’m pretty stoked with the leg proportions (I actually remembered to follow gesture/structure/anatomy there!).

Tuesday Night Figure Drawing

This week’s work on Karl Gnass’ lessons at NMA REALLY paying off. I’m actually happy with my improvement here!

10 minute pose, charcoal on newsprint 18×24.


She’s only been modeling a couple months but she’s really good. I feel I captured this pose well. We had some good melancholy tunes playing and she just kind of drifted off in thought.

I was actually cool with this piece at 10 minutes, it was even more ethereal. I may go back and soften it up a bit more.

20 minute pose, charcoal on bristol 18×24.


Sketchbook Digest

So I’ve been lax in doing sketchbook updates. It’s been slower than December, but even these aren’t all the work I’ve done in the sketchbook. Lots of Steve Huston’s book moving into Loomis heads and currently working on some Gnass lessons from NMA.


Tuesday Night Figure Drawing

This model had an amazing shoulder girdle. Great clavicles, scapulas, the whole thing was just so well defined. I wasn’t drawing great, so for the last 15 minutes I had the instructor move the light to rake across her back and just did a straight tonal study.

She ended up kinda manly, mostly because I didn’t have time to work on the shadow side at all and it got broad on top.

But I do kinda like this one, imperfect as it is!

Charcoal on charcoal-toned bristol, 18×24.