Bargue Plate 49 Transfer and Value Massing

I took the schematic off the board and taped it to a window, drawing against the glass, so I could see the drawing through the back. Taking my 2B pencil, I rubbed it over the lines, leaving a lot of graphite so it will transfer to the good paper.

Plate 49 Transfer
Plate 49 Transfer Back

Carefully align the bristol smooth paper on the board and lay the schematic over it, graphite side down. Tape it at the top like a hinge, so you can lift the schematic and check your transfer progress. Gently begin tracing over the lines, check to be sure you’re pressing hard enough to transfer the lines but soft enough that you aren’t denting the smooth sheet. When the schematic has been completely transferred to the smooth sheet, remove the top sheet. Voila, it’s time to start the drawing!

Plate 49 Transfer
Plate 49 Transfer

I’ve already begun massing in the shadow blocks again.

Plate 49 Shadow Mass WIP
Plate 49 Shadow Mass WIP

Here’s an example of this laborious process. Taking a 2B pencil, build up to the median value of the shadows. Then use a 2H to smooth it and a kneaded eraser to fix dark spots and edges. The block in the upper right was the third one I did, the ear is the ninth one. Still a long way to go until I can render them smoothly, but at least I’m seeing some progress. I included the incomplete brow shadow to show what it looks like after an initial pass with the 2B.

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  1. The old “tape it to a window” transfer! It’s tried and true, if a bit awkward. Looking forward to seeing this one progress.

    1. My first comment on the new-self-hosted blog 🙂 was definitely better for visibility!

      Anyway, thanks! It’s a deceptively simple lesson designed to hone so many skills. I love it!

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