Why I dislike Dropbox

I’ve used them since they were in beta for image hosting. They decided that they only want to do document sharing and not image hosting, so….all the images from my blog (and pretty much everywhere on the Internet I’ve posted for years) are now dead links.

Thanks, Dropbox. Glad I gave you years of positive word-of-mouth. Decorum dictates I edit out my actual feelings right now.

It’s such an entirely monumental task to rebuild this blog, I’m not sure I can do it. So many years of WIPs and finished stuff, going back to 2012, all done now. On the whim of an Internet company.

2 Replies to “Why I dislike Dropbox”

  1. Chin up my blogging friend, just keep going forward. I love seeing your artwork so please continue with the blog with a new place to store the latest photos, don’t worry too much about losing your previous endeavours. Over time you can re-enter those if you feel you need to. I’m guessing you’ll have lots of new art to showcase instead. I look forward to that!

    1. Thanks for the support! Already secured some hosting, just have to back up the site and move it over. Plan is to continue the same format going forward, but I will set up some albums for my past finished works. Most of the old WIP stuff will probably stay gone (but the text will still be there for reference).

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