Wednesday Night Oils

Last night when I got home from figure drawing, I transferred my portrait sketch over to canvas using the method previously explained. I then went over the sketch with some thinned umber and blocked in the shadows, also in thinned umber.


Tonight in class, the instructor took a different direction and we went directly to local color lay-in, or ‘dead color’. I think this is because this class is a little slower than the previous and she doesn’t want people to fall too far behind. The full process does take a loooong time, I chuckle when people think 36 hours is a long time to complete these portraits. Nobody finishes. I was the only one who had done the transfer, so I was able to start directly with local color – the first time I’ve been neck and neck with the instructor on painting phase…and we both finished local color. It’s not a race, but it’s nice to know I’m getting faster without sacrificing quality.


I got a compliment from the instructor on my color mixing, have to say I was pretty happy overall. All that reading on color theory really builds a good foundation! Also put my new pochade box palette into use, it was awesome mixing on glass. I tried to emulate the instructor’s mixing habits (which I’ve been watching all along and asking tons of questions), so I made basic local colors but was a bit freer with my technique. I had a much better feel for the consistency of the paint and mixed on the fly a lot more, which led to some more interesting things, even in local color. Excited to push that further with later stages! Also reduced the amount of brushes I used to basically three (light/dark/detail) and let some mixing happen organically. The instructor has a real nice touch on the canvas and all that plays into it.

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