Oil Portrait Homework

After work I hit my temporary basement studio and worked on the portrait. I had painted on a classic ground of burnt umber and burnt sienna previously. Tonight I transferred the drawing over by rubbing the back with charcoal and using a point to transfer the lines to the canvas.

Then I began painting the lines in with a thinned raw umber. One some lines are down, I go back and soften them to try to remove any hard edges that may interfere with later layers. This is still a tough thing for my to pull off, so it gets messy! I left some freshly painted hard lines so you could see the difference.

Once I had all the outlines in and softened, I block in the shadow masses. Another softening pass, and then a smoothing pass, removing any texture from the shadow masses.


It was difficult getting a pic of that last step without glare, so I stepped outside the room and took another, but it ended up smaller. But you can get the idea. Just adding that one value in makes a dramatic difference!