Thursday Night Oils Class

Tonight I began first painting, just roughing some skin tones in both light and shadow. This is…extremely tough. Just mixing paint alone is tough, then matching it to the model, then getting the placement right…sheesh. And the whole time trying to keep improving the forms so I don’t lose the drawing. I must be a masochist.

Some great eye training, though. Finally starting (just starting!) to see some more advanced color, it’s pretty awesome the first time you can start to see where shadows cool off or mid-tones warm up. Though I hadn’t intended on focusing on color (or painting) until I had my drawing chops developed, this class is so rewarding (did I mention tough!?).


As usual, the end of the class comes too soon, while I’m in the middle of adjusting various things. The end of the nose, the lips, adjustments all over the place! The instructor was giving me a quick lesson in restructuring the right eye when class ended, so it’s pretty harsh right now. I had already adjusted the values to be a lot better than last week, but she showed me how to tighten it up even further and focus on setting the dimensions of the socket properly. Good stuff, could’ve been there for hours more.