3 Value Drawing

Tuesday night, and that means drawing 101! This week we were allowed a shadow value, to build on what we did last week with a single highlight value on charcoal-toned paper (I cheated and used shadows, woops). So this is a bit longer drawing, maybe a half hour after two false starts and helping out my neighbor who is really struggling but a nice character.


After reviewing last week’s drawing, I saw where the teacher was talking in demo about losing lines at the junction of values, so I tried to incorporate that a bit in this one to get a feel for it. Most easily seen in the upper right where the light cloth overhangs the box, no lines, just the light value against the mid-tone of the background. Of course, we’re supposed to do that /next week/ so again I’m one week ahead, heh. But it led to a nice discussion on chiaroscuro and sfumato, both of which I’m interested in.

This is again a toned background, 6b charcoal rubbed out with a chamois. Then 2b charcoal for roughing in objects, 6b for shading and both white and kneaded erasers for highlights.

It’s a bit rough with only 3 values to work with, but I did try to stick more to the instructions this time and didn’t blend anything out…