Gwen WIP 3

Added a final layer of Light Blue as a highlight, but it went on super chalky, of course. I figured I’d go back over it in reverse to the mid-tone, but then I lost a bit of my upper end transition. Grr. I don’t think I’ll continue being too fussy with it, as I put in another hour to get almost no result…


Pics in the better setup this time so I could get a better look at things. Sometimes that’s not very fun, heh.

Roughing in some of the inner cloak shadows.


4 Replies to “Gwen WIP 3”

    1. I’m actually quite impatient! I guess it’s all relative, eh?

      Thanks, you can see in my next WIP post how I progress from the rough shading up to highlights. Then I’ll smooth it back down to the shadows with glazes.

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