Cash’s Paint–by-Numbers

I took a survey of minis the folks of the fine Reaper forum community might like to see me paint. I’ve put them into poll form for everyone to vote on. 3 votes each and the poll will run for 2 weeks. I ask you to please keep it fun and only complete the poll once, even if there’s a way to work around it! Be honorable!

Here’s a direct link, as well. Apologies for not including pics, so many entries! Google is your friend 🙂 Thanks for playing along! For those not in the Reaper community, I’ll be letting people decide how I’m going to paint it, as well! It could get weird…

Cornrow WIP 4

I put in some flesh tones and did the eyes, though they don’t show in the pics; as well as re-establishing the hair. The detail on the face was too small for the Rosemary brushes (0 and 1) and their point splaying tendencies, so I switched out to a W&N 0 for something a little different. Aesthetically I dig the proportions of stuff like Infinity, Thunderbolt and Red Box; but man it sure makes painting a lot more difficult than a heroic Reaper mini!


Cornrow WIP 3

Another couple layers of greys. It’s challenging to paint this way! I’m used to going back and forth with layers and glazes to get things right, but painting tabletop demands you get it right the first time. It’s actually a good learning experience in that respect.


Cornrow WIP 2

Trying to keep it simple and tabletop, but I think I’m going to need more contrast even so. Though it does look better in hand than in these phone pics…Three layers of red and skin is base coated:


One more layer of red and one layer of grey:


Cornrow WIP 1

I’m beginning to paint the minis for the Infinity Operation: Icestorm box set. First up is a Nomad Alguaciles I’m creatively calling ‘Cornrow’. Just some initial base coating, I’ll work out the colors on him and then start in on the rest of the faction.

Noreth Skyblade

Spent some more time basing this weekend to get another one off the bench. Noreth was actually painted over the summer.


It’s been so long I forget a lot of what I did here, heh. Obviously some fun freehand on the butt-cape, lots of colored shadows. I’m sure there’s lots of stuff I applied from my Reapercon classes, too.