Noreth WIP 1

Ok, so it’s been a while! I should really be getting some more work done around the house, but I’ve been dying to paint!

So the first post-Reapercon project is Noreth Skyblade, an awesome Klocke sculpt I’ve wanted to paint for a while now. Not to complex, letting me focus on the first stage of trying to integrate some of the stuff I’ve learned. I spent a lot of time prepping him, though I still need to address a couple rough spots – prep work improvement is an ongoing thing. I cut away the eyelids per Schubert but I should’ve gone back and added a wee bit of filler as the eyes were still on the small side (comparatively speaking, I chose a model with relatively large sculpted eyes even with the lids).

I had base coated most of Noreth at Seneca Falls paint day, but I wasn’t happy with the colors or the way the values were resting on him, so I redid a lot of it a couple days ago. Today I finished base coating. Hair was going to be blonde, but I might keep it darker for the better interleaving of values. Not sure, we’ll see how it looks as I go, I also want to watch the hues and values of the tunic/skin/hair as they’ll all be somewhat similar.

Then I roughed in some shadows on the face to get a feel for the expression (Werner sculpted him quite angry!) and see what I could do with a bit of miscast on the left side. Then I put in the eyes using DKS’s method. They went in acceptably, if not perfectly (or even close), so I put in the color crescent which worked really well. The dot of white for the shine isn’t at all what I wanted, but it’s close enough for a first pretty successful DKS eye on a learning project, so I left it alone. I did scrub out a few attempts but I didn’t have to repaint the eyes from scratch, so that’s progress!