Reapercon 2014

Just got back from Reapercon, which was an amazing time. I entered a few models into the painting competition and took a silver medal in Painters for Anval Thricedamned and a gold medal in Open for Damien, Hellborn Gunslinger. Note that both are Reaper Bones models, not the greatest detail in the world but with paint I guess you can make up for a lot…

Meeting so many of the professional artists and my fellow amateurs from the forums was a spectacular experience. There are so many talented people and they’re all a lot of fun to hang out with.


Here’s Svetlana, a limited edition Kickstarter mini from Tre Manor’s first KS.


My first attempt at a more display like wood base, also my first use of grass (blah). Bark rocks, might be cherry, not my usual ash (I just hunt around the woodpile mostly). Very enjoyable sculpt to paint despite the casting issues.

Svetlana WIP 7

The stuff I did over the weekend:


Painted up the rocks and added some soil color to the base. Painted the shield face. Added snow and grass to the base. I hate that grass stuff.

Svetlana WIP 6

Ok, trying to pull the parts together for assembly.


After the failed polyshades attempt on the base, I sanded it and hit it with black spray primer and then spray varnish. Not perfect, but it works. Glued the “rocks” on.

Then I flipped the shield to paint the face, primed it black to speed things up a bit as it’ll be dark. A few layers of brown, a few layers of black and then the nmm steel from the armor. Once I varnish that it’s ready for assembly.

Svetlana WIP 5

Some more work on Svetlana, starting to wrap this one up. Shield needs paint and then on to basing and assembly.


Svetlana WIP 4

Ok, nice little break there. Back to paint!

Svetlana’s steel painted up. Still some pretty rough spots, I’ll have to go back and do a few more glazes and touch-ups for sure. But you get the basic idea. Messing with the camera again, too dark but I think I’m starting to get it dialed in how I want it.