Starting my first diorama

I’m putting together a diorama for another Reaper forum contest, though I’m not sure I’ll make the deadline. The loose theme is Scandinavian, and though that encompasses more than Norse mythos, I do love me some Valkyrie action. So my idea is a fire giant from Muspell is threatening a Valkyrie who has come to take a fallen warrior to Valhalla.

Here’s a rough mockup:


Then the basic ‘rock’ shapes glued in:


I’ve also started on modifying the models, cutting off bases and repositioning the fallen warrior. Luckily, he’s Reaper’s P65 lead line, so easy to bend after cutting away a few attach points. Then I pinned them for mounting and applied some green stuff as gap filler/basic snowbanks. Hopefully my ‘snow’ will cover my terrible GS sculpting ‘skill’:


Tentatively named ‘The Warrior’s Soul’.


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