Gunslinger Damien

It’s my first conversion! I lopped the hands and top of the head off Damien and added the hands and hat from the Black Mist, with a bit of green stuff to make the top of the hat a bit wider for Damien’s big hair/horns. Painted up as a Gunslinger.


Still trying to get my camera setup right and struggling with glossiness on the mini. Some of the subtlety is killed by the gloss, the pants are more of an olive and the straps stand out against them a bit more, for instance.

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  1. This looks great! The addition of the hat and pistols completely changes the figure! Something for or influenced by our incoming Hell Dorado perhaps? Good to see the base as well. Simple but sets the scene. I recently got a few based from Secret Weapon Miniatures (which I’ll post about soonish), and I can highly recommend checking them out. Really fine detail on them, and they’re pretty much made to be display bases.

    1. Thanks, I vastly prefer this mod to the original. Seems to be pretty popular with the Reaper fans, too. No real influence, I initially just wanted to ditch the staff and went through the Bones box until something struck my fancy. Then I figured I may as well lop off the other hand. Then he just needed a hat, too. My sculpt work on the hat is given a flattering angle in the photos, it’s not really all that good. Need to start improving those skills.

      I’ve been hitting a few sales here and there snagging various bases I think might get use somewhere, that badlands base (I think it’s Micro Arts) is from FRP clearance a month ago. My next project is probably too ambitious, but it’s going to be building a pretty big base…

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