Hi there.

Hi there! I’m not dead yet, it’s just a flesh wound! This last project got a bit much for me, so I took a month off. I’d been pushing myself pretty hard with painting the previous eight months straight and needed a break. Also, going to set the Avatar aside for a while just for the clean break. That ton of nmm gold isn’t what I want to start back into it with!

So yesterday I cleaned up a couple options for the next project. I think I’ll be painting Cave Girl from Bombshell, with Shanna the She-Devil from Marvel’s Savage Lands as inspiration. I also cleaned up her companion as well as a couple Sedition Wars game minis, a trooper and zombie. After some thought about whether or not to glue on the Trooper’s arms, they’re all primed and ready to go.

Also, thanks to the guys at Ravenswood Comics for help getting up to speed on who’s inking the coolest comics these days. Finding a couple Savage Wolverine featuring Shanna was a nice bonus!

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