Bethalian WIP 5

Today I forged ahead and had a lot of fun just playing around. I had intended to do a few different things, but I just got watching some tube and slapping paint. Turned out bad, so I washed over the whole thing and just kept messing around with it until it was time to call it quits.


So, the gold parts are being called done at this point. Just the recipe from kit 3 as usual. I also put in the gem on the staff. I was thinking with the green robe I wanted a purple gem, and I want to stick with my somewhat limited palette. So I took 2:1 Midnight Blue:Bloodstain Red as a base, and highlighted with 2:1:1 Midnight Blue:Carnage Red:Pure White and then again with one more drop of white. It’s not going to win any prizes, but I just wanted the dash of purple up there.

Just have to wrap up the skin tones and base. One more session, most likely. Oh, and the pics came out a little better with some white on the mini to balance it, I think.

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