Avatar WIP 2

Apologies for the crap pics. Another month and I should be back at the desk with more lighting.


Second layer for the white, Snow Shadow over all but the deepest shadows.


Third layer, Ghost White. Starting to work against me, getting chalky.


Final layer, Pure White. Super chalky. Decided to walk away from it for the night and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Avatar WIP 2”

  1. You could try for a series of really thin washes to shade the tabard? I always find white a bit tricky, so I tend to basecoat with almost-white, highlight to white, and do the rest with layered shading. (and re-highlight as needed). You might want to try a different brand of white as well. I used to have that same chalky issue with some brands and not with others.

  2. Absolutely going to shade down from white next time I need to do something similar. Working down from light blue on Orson’s robes a few months ago resulted in one of the best paint jobs I’ve done on cloth. It’s very similar to my old way of painting where it was just series of washes (usually black), then re-applying the base coat again, over and over. Just adding in some color theory and mixing of the shades.

    I have some old VGC and newish P3 white I could give a whirl, too.

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