The fabric of our lives

Worked more shade and the highlights into the orange. Starting to get a feel for paint consistency, had a real nice pool of paint going for each and played around with it just having fun trying to paint. Never realized how little I actually painted before, with washes and drybrushing hiding the almost complete lack of technique.

Then I moved to the warm greys, and as I have a small wet palette, I tried to save some space by removing the previous warm grey base tone and putting in a new pool to work from. Went great at first, and to my amazement, I was starting to pull off Ali’s 2-brush method with this much more diluted paint (they had told me to thicken the paint if it dried to quickly). There was one blend I was actually happy with! Of course, I then slopped on it when shading something else. Dammit. 😀 Then it got ugly, because I hadn’t been thinking about the fact that the old paint had dried enough to lay a layer of acrylic down that stopped the wet palette action and the paint got thick, my painting got messier, and I’ll have to rework most of the greys because of it.

I’m not going to spend forever reworking problem areas, as it’s really my first shot at fully painting a mini. But these greys, yeah I can do better! The oranges aren’t great but I’m pretty happy with where they are for where I am as a painter. I can see some progress and that’s really the whole idea with this project.

Looks abysmal in photo, so I’m using them as a guide for the next session and don’t really feel like posting them 🙂

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