Base Coating 2

With the company of my 7000 song-laden iPod on shuffle, I knocked out the rest of the base coating! Yay. The armor plating turned out a bit more intense then I intended, so I’ll be going back to fix that up when I get to painting it up properly. Otherwise, I think it’s a decent start.

I tried using the Winsor & Newton Series 7 #1 for some detail and I think I’m a #2 guy. The only thing I prefer the #1 for was reducing the body width to get into a couple tight spaces where the #2 might touch the sides, Operation-like (bzzt!).
I also signed on to do a group WIP over on the Reaper forums, so I want to get this out soonish. Also, the informal competition at SMV forum ends at some point! The Reaper project will be on the new Bones material, so it should be a good introduction to the material the mini landslide will be made of!