Welcome to the future!

Ok, since we’re caught up, here’s a ‘what’s up’ post.

Some friends tricked me into evil kickstarter, so I have a pile of minis coming thanks to Sedition Wars, Red Box Games and Reaper Bones.

Prior to getting into the Sedition Wars thing, I noticed a great tutorial on two-brush method of painting minis by Ali McVey. A couple weeks later I got into the kickstarter and realized the connection. Then a member of the Studio McVey forum had a great idea of running an informal painting competition to get people warmed up for the Sedition Wars pile’o’minis coming in November.

So I decided to combine the two, learn the two-brush technique and enter the mini into the informal competition. WIP to follow.

I’ve also done a bit of supply ordering, from pin vice and drill set to new brushes, so I’m much more comfortable with decent kit to support the hobby.