Sunday Paint Splatters

Still struggling with the 2-brush method, hoping it was just an off-day Sunday, because I was pretty sloppy. I fixed a couple blends, but when I went in to bring up the highlights, I slapped several areas of shadow with it.  But the real problem is the paint is drying on the mini before I can get the blending brush to it. I’m sticking with the method for this mini, but I’m considering going to layering thinner paints instead.

On the upside, I’m digging the skin tones. Once I get the undersides of the arms shaded I’ll update the WIP properly. Basically all I did yesterday was fix existing blends and add some bone white to the mix for the final (?) highlights. Looks good when the blends worked, though.

OH! And I put together a crappy wet palette. Version 0.1 gave me a couple hours of open time which was pretty awesome compared to the porcelain plate I had been using, but it dried up when I closed it for dinner. I put some more water in it with a new parchment and it seemed ok a couple hours later. I’ll tweak it so hopefully I can get a few hours between sessions, but having the open time on my mixed paints up into the hours range is really nice.