Blast from the past

Now that I have a cheesy light box set up, I decided to run through my old painted minis. While the chunkier Drone model holds up to the white background, this thinner minotaur gets blown out by it. Having a warm bulb and adjusting the white balance doesn’t help, either. I’ll live with it until the budget allows a real setup!

This guy is the very first mini I remember painting. I probably did some in the 80s, but I don’t own or remember them. I was just trying to copy what my buddy was doing, so it’s a base coat + wash + drybrushing, done in Floquil Polly S fantasy colors.

2 Replies to “Blast from the past”

  1. I know that mini! Dragonlance Villians Minotaur (with sword conversion).
    Man, I wish I still had all of those minis… I really miss my Fewmaster Toede…

  2. Here’s a fun fact: I was painting that mini at my FLGS in Central Los Angeles when the Rodney King trial verdict came down. Everyone quickly packed up their paints and left.

    Yes, that’s the mini in question. I have about half of them unpainted, Toede is base coated with the beginning of green skin applied (and he’s got the axe). I know at least two of them were used by friends as first minis, too (with accompanying bad paint jobs).

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