Ice broken

I pulled the worst mini I could find in the box to chip the ice off my fingers and chop it out of my brain. The downside to that is painting on a blurry amateur cast of inferior metal sucks. So I soldiered through a couple sessions messing around just to get the basic techniques fresh in my mind again, washes and drybrushing and layering (oh my!). I will not be posting the results of this experiment. The eyes, Boo…go for the bug-eyes!

Last night I pulled a decent cast from an old box of gnoll troops. The pose is awful, it’s one of a troop, so very generic. But the casting is better and the metal is good, so the painting experience went much better. Got the base coats done on Anonymous Gnoll #4.

I also had Anonymous Gnoll #1 and #2 looking on, painted somewhen in the 90s. I am heartened by the comparison and excited to start the advanced layers. I’ll compile the pics when I finish him up.

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  1. Hey Sky – get yourself some cheap plastic GW figures and practice on those rather than recast abominations. If you get yourself some good-to-decent mid-range figures to practice on, it’ll be a lot more fun than hating the thing that you’re painting. Hell, PM me via the usual place and I’ll post you a few!

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