Hi there. I’m going to use this page as a drop zone for my return to painting miniatures.

Some background: I painted when I was a kid (art major), but I was never very good at painting minis. In the early 90s I gave it another try and was finally getting to a point where I could appreciate my work when my career got going and I left off painting. Certainly didn’t help that almost every local hobby shop went under and I couldn’t find the paints I had always used, since the local Floquil Polly S was bought out by Testors and the fantasy line apparently was dropped in the transition. Blah.

I traded my old dusty M:tG cards to a hobby shop in Syracuse for the complete range of Vallejo Game System paints, got some poor to mediocre brushes from a local craft shop, pulled my old painting desk out of storage. I think I’m ready to paint!

Thanks to IainC and the other painters at f13 for inspiration.