Svetlana WIP 6

Ok, trying to pull the parts together for assembly.


After the failed polyshades attempt on the base, I sanded it and hit it with black spray primer and then spray varnish. Not perfect, but it works. Glued the “rocks” on.

Then I flipped the shield to paint the face, primed it black to speed things up a bit as it’ll be dark. A few layers of brown, a few layers of black and then the nmm steel from the armor. Once I varnish that it’s ready for assembly.

Svetlana WIP 3

Got in a couple hours on the skin today. Went with some new ideas that give it a nice subtlety that don’t show up at all in the pics :) I also did a war paint across the eyes that sort of looks like a shadow, ah well.


Some pretty rough spots on the cast, the left arm in particular didn’t fare well (hopefully the shield will downplay it). There is what looks to be a scar on the lips that I just can’t get fine enough control to paint in, which cost me completely repainting the lower half of the face after I already had it looking pretty good…and only got it back to about 70% of where I had it.