I enjoy painting minis as something they’re not intended to be, so when Monkeysloth put up a contest to come up with a character…who better than Deadpool? In one issue, he appears in the 70s to team up with Power Man and Iron Fist and of course uses this opportunity to go ‘incognito’ as a pimp…


I added a couple katanas from 02455: Weapon Pack IV by Werner Klocke (one graciously donated by Kuro, thanks!) and some GS to add in folds where they entered his coat. The base is also scratch made from styrene and GS.

This one was a lot of fun to paint, which I needed given the past couple months (but we’re all happy and healthy now!). It turned out to be something of a continuation of my HF Gwen project, playing around with some freehand ideas and continuing to try to develop my brush control. The soda can says ‘Joke’ a play on Joka Cola, something DP would drink, surely :)

Deadpimp WIP 6

Worked on some nmm today, it’s been sooo long since I’ve done any serious nmm work. I think the swords are passable (given the weird angle and sculpt), but I’m not digging the cane at all. I’d really like to repaint it as wood with just the gold tip, but with tomorrow night as the deadline and the base not even primed yet, I don’t think I have time to change it.


Deadpimp WIP 3

I basically borrowed the red recipe from my Infinity dude, with a couple tweaks. I shaded with HD Umber Brown, because people were talking about how transparent is was…it’s a really nice paint that I’ll be revisiting. And in the endless search for ways to highlight red, I tried some tanned high mixed in this time.

I think this pic sums up why I love this project:


Deadpimp and Seza Primed

Lunch time, prime time.

Deadpimp was zenithal primed white over black primer. Seza received a white primer.

Since both were a bit tippy on their corks, I whipped up this WIP holder out of a scrap of wood. I drilled a couple 1-1/2″ holes to slot the corks into and sanded it down. Works a charm, so I’ll pop a couple more holes in there or maybe make a nicer version…insert magnets so it works with my travel case…hmm…