Rollo – Showing my work

Excuse the super rough work, but I thought these pics were pretty cool to see the process I’m experimenting with.

Initially I worked in shadows over the basecoat/midtone (Redstone Highlight). For the shadows I tried several combinations of colors before I got something I liked, so there’s a bunch of stuff in there, red/browns and turq and indigo.

Then I roughed the mids back in to adjust for where I went nuts with shadow. This was pretty harsh on some of the transitions, the initial shadows were smooth. Next time I’ll keep things rough all the way through until after all values are roughed in!

Having had that thought, I continued putting in highlights pretty rough, Tanned Shadow adding Golden Highlight. A few quick shots of a side mix with the midtone to tweak things. Very sparse on the left arm, trying to pay attention to the composition as things start to roughly come into focus. Following on that, I adjusted the shadows in several spots to tighten up the feel I’m going for.

Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

Note to self: don’t take off this long between paint jobs again. Feeling kind of blah painting today: plastic models, fighting paint consistency, trying to learn to paint tabletop quality and not make things too nice. Also, this is always a blah part of the painting for me, I love putting in the details and making things look nice, so several vectors away from my comfort zone here.

Anyway. I decided to just base coat the humans entirely red and fix in the golds later. I didn’t want to spend all day base coating (it’s very humid), so paint is too thick and still not covering well. Oh, red. How thou doth vex me. While drying between coats, I washed the orcs in Nightshade Purple and started sketching in the oranges on the BB orc. Forgive the crap phone pics.

Team Color Prototyping – Orcs/Humans

I’ve been meaning to get around to this forever. Talking with my buddy John we both picked colors for the human and orc teams for Blood Bowl/Dreadball. Here I’ve picked the main colors and prepped the minis with primer and thinned Brown Liner.